Upcoming Events


2017 Eat Drink Give – St. Louis, Missouri

Past Events

7th Annual Washington University Wolfram Syndrome Research Clinic Meeting

August 2016 Elimination Dinner in Greensboro-Monongahela Township

Caitlin Fess is a beautiful young lady who has Wolfram syndrome and isn’t afraid to talk about her disease and spread awareness. The Snow Foundation wants to thank Caitlin’s mother Dena, her father Brad, and the rest of the Fess Family for putting together the Elimination Dinner Event. They raised over $6,000 at the event […]

2016 “Eat Drink Give” The Snow Foundation Annual Fundraiser

The Snow Foundation’s event Eat Drink Give, on May 14th, 2016, was a special evening which raised awareness and funds for Wolfram Syndrome Research. The festivities began at 6:30pm on the beautiful grounds of Grant’s Farm in the historic Bauernhoff and Carriage house. Attendees enjoyed a wonderful barbecue, cocktails, beer tasting, and great music by Dance […]

Team Alejandro’s 6th Annual Run to Beat Wolfram Syndrome!

On Sunday, March 20, 2016, Team Alejandro participated in The Oakland Running Festival in their 6th Annual Run to Beat Wolfram Syndrome! Team Alejandro ran in support of 12 year-old Alejandro Jimenez (a Wolfram Syndrome Patient) as well as all children and young adults affected by Wolfram Syndrome.  They successfully raised $12,374.00 which will help […]