Art for Wolfram Syndrome

Family Turns Loss Into Hope for Wolfram Syndrome Patients:
Artists Raising Money for Wolfram Syndrome Research

art wolfram syndromeMost people with Wolfram Syndrome are diagnosed as children.  My husband, Don, was more fortunate than most.  Don and I married in our 20s and had two beautiful daughters.  Although Don’s diagnosis of diabetes and the onset of colorblindness in his 30s seemed odd, we had no idea that those two were related.  We raised our girls and had a wonderful life together.  Then in our 50s, my husband’s disease caught up with him.  The impacted parts of his body began to cease being able to cope, but the reason was difficult to diagnose.  It was eight years later that a genetic test led to the diagnosis of Wolfram Syndrome.

The picture shows me with my wonderful husband Don celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2008. By our 40th anniversary, he was limited in a lot of ways, but he could still interact, and enjoy being with family and friends. I took care of him from 2001 until his death, at home, in 2016. We had a wonderful life together, and we did as many things as we possibly could for as long as we could.

​Now I want to do whatever I can to help the ​Snow Foundation find a treatment for this horrible disease.  Although there are plenty of things I can’t do, as an artist, I can create and sell art to raise money for research and clinical trials.  I have three friends and two daughters joining me on to make a difference.  We are “Artists Raising Money for Wolfram Syndrome Research” and spreading awareness of this disease.

Andrea Warner