Our Mission

The Snow Foundation is a voice for rare disease, working towards a cure for Wolfram Syndrome and developing novel therapies for diabetes, vision loss, hearing loss and neurodegeneration.

Rare Diseases…Common Problems

Our Story

Raquel-and-StephanieIn fall of 2010, Raquel Gebel, the five-year-old daughter of Stephanie Snow Gebel, was diagnosed with Wolfram Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that is accompanied by a deadly form of diabetes. When Stephanie learned that there were no drug therapies or cures that exist to treat Wolfram Syndrome, she knew she had to do something. So Stephanie and her brother J.T. Snow, former San Francisco Giants first baseman and six-time Gold Glove winner, started The Snow Foundation to increase awareness of Wolfram Syndrome and to raise money to help find a cure.

The Snow Foundation is the single largest supporter of Wolfram Syndrome research in the world playing a central role in supporting and coordinating international collaborative research efforts. The Snow Foundation also provides valuable insight, resources, and support to the patients and their families. This empowers them with the knowledge necessary to participate in their care and positively impact their future.