Living With Wolfram Syndrome – Lauren Gibilisco

Photo of Lauren Gibilsco at ChristmasMerry Christmas Everyone!

I dressed up in a Santa hat and wore a bell when I went to work. The bell jingling as I walked down the hall warned my fellow employees that I was coming. My bosses liked this because then they knew where to find me.

But this gave me an idea. I was going to have to be home by myself with my sisters dog Emmy for a few hours. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to know where she was. She is very nosy and likes to get into everything. She even unwrapped some of my sisters presents at home. We of course needed to get Emmy some toys for her first Christmas. While we were looking around I came up with the idea to get bells to put on Emmy so I would know where she was. My mom found a Santa collar with 3 bells on it that we could put on her. This worked great as I was able to hear where she was. Sometimes you have to be creative and come up with solutions to problems.

I had a very nice Christmas. On Christmas Eve it was just our family and that was nice because it was quiet so we could talk and hear each other. We opened our presents that night. I received 8 new tops, some for dress and some for casual. My mom and sister picked them out. It is the only way I can stay current with fashion. I rely on them to tell me if is really looks good on me or not. They did get me two long sleeve shirts but the material was very light and thin so even with my heat intolerance I shouldn’t have problems wearing them.

The next day on Christmas we went to Church and then up to Omaha to see my mom’s side of the family. My mom had to take me up to the table and tell me what desserts there were for me to try. She has to tell me because I can’t smell them and barely taste them. My tests from St. Louis reported I have no sense of smell anymore. Since it is Christmas time I am going to indulge myself with a few sweets. In order to do this I will need to ramp up my exercise routine and work off those extra sugars and calories. I am not familiar with my aunt’s house. I went to use the restroom and thought I was walking straight but instead ran into the door. Luckily I didn’t hit the door too hard. The only sad part of the party was that my grandparents were not able to come. They were both very sick from Influenza and they couldn’t come and we couldn’t visit them. But I was able to talk with them on the phone.

Of course I was keeping the true meaning of Christmas in my heart.