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Regis Philbin Joins the Snow Foundation Team

Regis Philbin, a Notre Dame alum and fan of Jack Snow, volunteered his time and talent to narrate a short film on The Snow Foundation. Please watch and share this 11-minute film. Read More

Snow Foundation Events

We have a number of special events and fundraisers that are just around the corner. Take a look at our calendar, we’d love to see you at our next outing! Read More

The Evolution of Wolfram Syndrome Research

From the early days of Wolfram syndrome research in 1994 by Dr. Alan Permutt to today, the scientists studying this rare disease are getting closer to clinical trials everyday. Read More

Our Story

Read about the Snow Family and their fight to save the life of young Raquel Gebel, granddaughter of Jack Snow and niece of J.T. Snow. Raquel was diagnosed with Wolfram syndrome in late 2010. Read More
Photo of Wolfram Group

New Beginnings

By Adam Zwan The 2014 Wolfram clinic occurred last week and it was a fantastic one to say the least. It seems that Washington University of St. Louis research clinic has found its second wind because the entire Wolfram research event was operated with ease and everyone, patients and professional, was enthusiastic and relaxed. The […]

Adam Zwan