Wolfram Movie

“A Light in the Shadows”

Photo of Stephanie Gebel filming movieFor the past few years, we have been filming a feature length documentary about Wolfram syndrome, and the brilliant team of doctors and scientists racing the clock for a cure.  Featured are the stories of four patient families, including Raquel Gebel and her family’s efforts to save her life and the lives of others through the creation of The Jack and J.T. Snow Scientific Research Foundation.  The inspiring story of a mother’s love and the lengths she will go for her child, and the resulting effect on humanity as a whole, is told poignantly through the efforts of Stephanie Snow Gebel, Raquel’s mother.  Filming is now complete, and we are entering the lengthy and expensive post production phase.  We are currently raising funds to complete and distribute this important film in the manner that the story deserves.  The documentary will reach audiences worldwide, spreading awareness and raising donations for Wolfram syndrome research.   With the funding that we need, the film will be complete by summer 2014.  For more information or to get on the film’s newsletter list, please email WolframMovie@gmail.com.  Thank you for your support.
Jocelyn Leroux, Producer/Director
“A Light in the Shadows” A Documentary Feature
Boatman Films, LLC