It’s Only A Theory!

Photo of Adam Zwan

-By Adam Zwan

With the abnormal cold weather that is occurring in the United States for the past few weeks there have been a high number of comments regarding Global Warming.  Just a few of the comments that can be heard all over the United States are:

“I am really enjoying the Global Warming.”

“What’s with all this snow, I thought Global Warming was making everything hotter.”

“Ice again next week, this is not Global Warming, this is Global Freezing!”

The problem with the Global Warming theory is that it only predicts what occurs during part of the year and so during winter months the theory gets mocked.  Sometimes words alone do not explain everything they represent.  For instance, having Wolfram Syndrome does not mean that I am genetically linked to wolves or get the urge to howl at the moon.  Wolfram Syndrome is a genetic disorder that attacks the central nervous system and Global Warming is just a theory regarding climate changes.  The theory is scientifically correct.  Climates have shown warmer temperatures, glaciers/icebergs are melting, and birds are migrating further north than ever before.

When interacting with other people who mock a theory, like Global Warming, I feel it important to explain things a little further.  Due to human activity, the ozone layer around Earth’s surface is being damaged and depleted.  The ozone layer around Earth has two important aspects: block sun rays to prevent overheating, and capture heat to prevent freezing climates.  In essence, when the ozone is removed Earth will experience hotter summers and colder winters; both of which are being experienced at present.  It is only natural to mock or criticize something after an initial glance, I’m guilty of it.  I find myself taking back things I have said or thought after doing research and proving myself wrong and that has served as a valuable lesson in life.  As a result, I do not believe everything I hear before doing research and coming up with my own conclusions.