1st Joint Scientific Call for Proposals

Accelerate the discovery of therapies for Wolfram syndrome

Overall Goal 

Help the dedicated international scientific and medical community in its search for therapies against Wolfram syndrome.


This new Call for Wolfram syndrome projects will be open to any research project (those of a collaborative nature are encouraged) aimed at finding a therapy for Wolfram syndrome (WS). Priority will be given to projects concentrating on approaches for therapy of WS (classical pharmacological approaches, gene therapy, cell therapy and any other innovative therapies). However, projects addressing bottlenecks impairing rapid clinical trials may also be considered, including: innovative outcome measures & endpoints, appropriate methodology to follow disease progression and treatment effect.

Time being critical for people with Wolfram syndrome, preferences will be given to projects that have the greatest potential to accelerate the identification of effective treatments.

Types of Financing

  • Operating grants for one year, renewable for a second year
  • Post-doctoral fellowship for one year, renewable for a second year
  • PhD fellowship for one year (last year), renewable for a second year if duly justified


1-2 projects will be supported

Total call budget is 200,000 € for two years (100,000 €/ year)

Required Documents for Application

Deadline for Submission

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

All documents necessary for submission (application forms, instructions, etc) are available upon request: vpicard.asw[at]orange.fr or on the organizations websites:

France: http://www.association-du-syndrome-de-wolfram.org/

Belgium: http://eyehopefoundation.org/en

U.S.A.: http://thesnowfoundation.org