Living With Wolfram Syndrome – Adam Zwan

Health Glitches

Thanksgiving 2014 was a fun filled day of food, family and laughter. The meal felt like a Golden CorralWhat a person with Wolfram syndrome cannot eat buffet without the Golden Corral. Thanksgiving used to be a favorite holiday of mine but due to Wolfram Syndrome it has become my least favorite. The family getting together and enjoying one another is a great event but the food is another story.

Before Wolframs and its complications took a toll, I could enjoy splurging a little and try each dish that was served. However, this year was low carbohydrate and low sugar for diabetes as well as low fat and low fiber for gastroparesis. When the feast was prepared and served buffet style, family members piled up plates of turkey, ham, pork tenderloin, casseroles, dressings, and stuffing. Finally it was my turn to say turkey breast please and……ok, turkey again please. The feast ended with cakes, pies, and puddings. I went against my morals and had a sugar free cheesecake cupcake. The smiling, laughing, moaning, and groaning made the holiday even more memorable. Two hours later did not occur as pleasant for me.

Later in the day, while family members were sprawled out in the den, my stomach decided to empty its contents and spike my sugar. With the little bit of food I ate my metabolism slowed down and held on to everything I consumed. Gastroparesis is a fancy term for delayed stomach emptying, so after my insulin did it’s, work my stomach empties without any insulin to combat the contents. This glucose spike lasted through the night and was finished by Black Friday. On a lighter note, anytime glitches in health occur, I just read successful research blog entries by Dr. Urano to give myself hope for the future.