Living With Wolfram Syndrome – Lauren Gibilisco

blood sugars scaleThe Blood Sugars Balance

By: Lauren Gibilisco

I had a few weeks where my blood sugars were unstable. If I ate something that would make me go high, I was still low. This happened for about 2 weeks. Now the bad thing about the timing of low blood sugars is that I’d probably be able to have a lot of ice-cream since it usually makes me go high. But I gave it up for Lent and couldn’t indulge. L Since then the blood sugars have been erratic. I could eat the same thing at the same time and do the same thing and my blood sugars were very different from day to day. Now unfortunately this was a problem because I was going to have another Botox injection into my bladder. I couldn’t eat or drink anything after midnight. So not knowing how my blood sugars would be, I ate a carb full supper. I ate pizza and did not give any Humalog and cut my Lantus down by 5 units. We had to drive into Omaha for the surgery which is 2 hours away. We were afraid that I would be low and get lower on the drive. So cutting down on the insulin would really help keep me from going low. After all this my blood sugar was only 199 which aren’t great but considering everything I did it was something we were comfortable with. By the end of the time I was in the hospital, which was about 10 hours, my blood sugars were 128. Thank goodness my blood sugars cooperated that day.

Now when I was in the hospital they asked me if I wore a pump. I told them “no” because I can’t see it and they said they didn’t think about that. Right now I am totally independent in taking care of my diabetes. I use pens to dispense the insulin and I have a talking meter. Now I know the pump would be very beneficial to me but it would make me dependent on someone again. I’m not quite sure how they work but I think someone would have to dispense the insulin in. I know it also beeps to let you know if you are going high or low. That is something else I would have a problem with. Right now one of my hearing aids seems not to be working well. I also believe my hearing has decreased again. I am having a very hard time hearing. When you are blind you rely on your hearing. But with me being hard of hearing I can’t rely on my sight. So unfortunately it makes it very difficult to use the pump and remain independent. They have talking meters; hopefully someday they will have talking pumps. But they would need to have the volume be very loud. Now mom WHAT did you say????? Sometimes it is very convenient to not being able to hear your mom.