Living With Wolfram Syndrome – Lauren Gibilisco

For once I can say that I have had a busy couple of weeks. It was really nice.  My sister took a vacation to Cancun. We got to dog sit Emmy, my sister’s dog, for a whole week. I have written about her before so I know you know her. It was fun to have extra company and someone to play with. But there were some problems.

Wolfram syndrome patient Lauren GibiliscoEmmy needed to be taken out to go to the bathroom. I couldn’t do that. First of all, I couldn’t see to put her leash on and hook her up to the stake. I also couldn’t see if she went to the bathroom. I am also not allowed to go outside by myself because I can so easily lose my direction and have trouble finding the house again. That was the rule put down after I got lost outside my house for an hour and 15 minutes in a tee shirt and shorts when it was 28 degrees. So my mom had to come home every couple of hours to let Emmy outside.

Emmy was very distracted while outside. My mom said she was a city dog in the country. My mom would tell her to go potty and she would start to but… oh a bird, I hear an owl, there are kids playing, leaves are blowing, etc. It did not take much to distract her. It would sometimes take a half hour to get her to settle down and go potty.

The other problem I had with Emmy is that she is very energetic. She liked to play a lot. I get tired in the afternoons and need to rest. But Emmy would bark at me to play. She wouldn’t let me sleep until I played with her. Luckily I didn’t have to play a long time. Overall, the rest of the time she was Emmy, my favorite dog and great company for me.

Here is the great news. I found another volunteer job. I am going to work at our local museum helping to catalog, fold clothes and put away special papers to preserve them. It is really fun. I work with this lady called Deb. She likes to talk as much as I do so my nonstop talking doesn’t bother her. It is very interesting the things we are preserving. A lot of the items I have never heard about or know how they were used, so it is fun learning about history while working. We have been folding linens this week. Although I can’t see them, Deb describes them to me and I feel the textures of the fabric. It is amazing to wonder how those people back then could create such intricate work.

I work at the museum on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons for about 4 hours. Then I am still working Wednesday morning at the telephone company. This will really help keep me occupied and I won’t be stuck at home being bored. Although I am not getting paid, it is so great to be out around people again and having someone else to talk to than just my mom. There is only one problem. My mom thought that when I got this job I would be talking to other people and so I would not have to talk to her so much. Oh she was so wrong. I come home and have stories to tell and conversations to repeat. So although I am not bored anymore, my mom unfortunately is still stuck with me talking non-stop.