The Power of Wolfram: The Weapon to Combat Type 1 Diabetes

Why do I study such a rare disease as Wolfram Syndrome? I am often asked, “Why do you study such a rare disease, Wolfram?” My answer is, “It is the weapon to combat common diseases.” My secret answer is, “I want to help Wolfram patients and their families.” Why it is so important to study […]

Living With Wolfram Syndrome – Lauren’s Story

I’m Getting Botox, But Not The Way You’d Think Today I am going to visit my grandmother celebrating her 80th birthday. I love my grandma and it is always fun to get together with all my relatives. After my doctor visit on Monday, I found out that my urologist is going to try something new […]

Patient-Based Therapeutics Part 3

Research Update from Dr. Fumihiko Urano Patient-Based Therapeutics Part 3 Instead of introducing my research activities,  I would like to introduce my colleagues today. I have a lot of colleagues who have been helping me develop diagnostics and therapeutics for Wolfram at the Washington University Medical Center. Without their help, I cannot accomplish anything. I […]

Living With Wolfram Syndrome – Adam’s Story

What Define’s One’s Life Some people are glorified for an invention or for a remarkable breakthrough in science.  However, others make their mark in history by being diagnosed with a rare illness that shortens life expectancy by half.  My place in history start in 1987 on September 18, living life as a healthy young man […]

Patient-Based Therapeutics Part 2

Research Update from Dr. Fumihiko Urano Patient-Based Therapeutics Part 2 We are taking an unconventional approach to develop therapeutics for Wolfram syndrome. I would call it “patient-based therapeutics.” This implies a few things. One of these is the “mechanism-based treatment.” How can we achieve this component of “patient-based therapeutics” for Wolfram syndrome? Here are our […]

We Say Goodbye to a Wolfram Trailblazer and Friend

Jon Wasson Yesterday our dear friend Jon Wasson passed away after a lengthy battle with Cancer. Jon was instrumental in the discovery of the Wolfram gene (WFS1). Jon worked closely with the late Dr. Alan Permutt, both bringing Wolfram syndrome research to the forefront at Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM). Jon played a major […]

Not Your Typical Holiday

I love holidays.  All of them.  I even love those special days we’ve created, “Sweetest Day”, “Grandparents Day”, “Take Your Child To Work Day”.  But who knew I’d be so involved in something called “World Rare Disease Day” on February 28th.  Not exactly something that was on my radar a couple years ago.   But, here […]

Where Do I Begin?

It was a little over 2 years ago when I embarked on this journey with Wolfram syndrome. Last October, I received a devastating blow, one that would change my life and others forever.  My youngest daughter, Raquel, was diagnosed with Wolfram Syndrome, a terminal form of diabetes.  She had been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes […]