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You Never Know Who’s Listening

I received a great email today from a mother who teaches 4th grade PSR (Parish School of Religion) at our church St. Clare of Assisi. She told me that at the end of their Monday night class, they around the room and each child will pray for someone or something important to them. She said one little […]

Great Changes Are Coming

I have always had great intuition (good or bad), ask my friends and family! The Snow Foundation has hired a new President and CEO, Dr. Saad Naseer, who is driven and ready to make our dreams become reality. The foundation is finally receiving the full time attention and direction it deserves, which means Wolfram syndrome […]

It’s the Little Things

We went to Children’s Hospital today and Raquel was more excited this time than previous visits. She was getting her Omni Pod (Insulin Pump). Her blood sugars have been all over the place, which is not a good thing. When her sugars are high or low they can affect her vision, moods and appetite. Did […]

We Can Be Like The Big Foundations

Since my nephew’s diagnosis of Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) I was curious if there were any foundations representing NMO, after all, this is a rare disease just like Wolfram syndrome. My sister sent me a link to a foundation called Guthy-Jackson Foundation. When I read about this foundation, I was a little envious of what they […]